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Forza Horizon 2: la démo datée, les succes et le nombre de vehicule annoncés

Le 28/08/2014 à 08:32, article écrit par Apophistm classé dans Actu Xbox Series.

Palyground studio vient d'annoncé la date de la sortie de la démo de Forza Horizon 2, celle ci  sortira donc le 16 septembre prochain.
Le studio annonce également que le jeu contiendra 175 véhicules ainsi que 5 trésors de granges inédits.

Pour finir voici la liste des succès du jeu :

Welcome to Horizon Europe     Arrivé au championnat horizon.     10
Welcome to Horizon Europe     Arrive at the Horizon Festival.     10
First of Many     Win your first Championship race.     10
Rain Master     Complete your first race in the rain.     10
Wanderlust     Complete a Road Trip.     10
Number One     Win a Championship.     10
Multi-Disciplined     Win an Event in every type of car.     10
The Train’s in Vain     Beat the Train in a Horizon Showcase Event.     10
Welcome to Castelletto     Arrive at Castelletto for the first time.     25
Welcome to Nice     Arrive at Nice for the first time.     25
Welcome to Sisteron     Arrive at Sisteron for the first time.     25
Welcome to Montellino     Arrive at Montellino for the first time.     25
Welcome to Saint-Martin     Arrive at Saint-Martin for the first time.     25
Welcome to San Giovanni     Arrive at San Giovanni for the first time.     25
Horizon Champion     Become the Horizon Champion.     50
Horizon Leader     Choose where the Road Trip goes for the first time.     20
Horizon Fan     Complete 25 Championships.     20
Horizon Enthusiast     Complete 100 Championships.     25
All Your Race Are Belong To Us 2.0     Complete all 168 Championships.     50
Yellow Wristband     Obtain the Yellow Wristband.     10
Green Wristband     Obtain the Green Wristband.     10
Pink Wristband     Obtain the Pink Wristband.     20
Purple Wristband     Obtain the Purple Wristband.     30
Gold Wristband     Obtain the Gold Wristband.     30
That New Car Smell     Buy your first car.     10
Car Lover     Have 50 Cars in your Garage.     20
Worthy of a Sultan     Have 175 Cars in your Garage.     40
License to Skill     Earn 5 Skill Points.     10
Stone Cold Skiller     Earn 65 Skill Points.     20
Summer Sale     Smash 25 Reward Boards.     10
Smash Happy     Collect all Reward Boards.     20
Bragging Rights     Beat Friends or Club members on any 20 Speed Cameras.     10
A Wild Drivatar Appears!     Win 3 Head-to-Head Races against Drivatars with a Bounty on them.     10
Kick the Bucket     Scratch 15 items off your Solo Bucket List.     10
Rest in Peace     Complete every Solo Bucket List Challenge.     20
Friends with Benefits     Earn a total of 1,000,000 Cr from Rivals.     10
Loyal     Earn 500,000 XP for your Club.     25
Human GPS     Drive down every road in the game.     10
Photographer     Take photos of 100 different cars for Horizon Promo.     20
Storage Hunter     Restore 10 Barn Finds.     20
Social Caterpillar     Compete in 20 Multiplayer Events.     10
Social Butterfly     Compete in 200 Multiplayer Events.     50
On the Road Again     Complete an Online Road Trip location.     10
Well Travelled     Complete 25 Online Road Trip locations.     30
Yes We Can     Complete 25 Bucket List items co-operatively.     30
Fast and Clean     Earn the Clean Racing Skill 100 times.     10
Team Player     Win 50 Team Events.     30
You Are Playground Games     Complete 100 Playground Games Events.     40
We Meet Again!     Win a Showdown at every Car Meet.     20
Super Meet Boy     Grab a livery, grab a tuning setup, buy a car, and enter a Showdown at any Car Meet.     10
One Down!     Complete a Solo Bucket List challenge.     10

sortie du jeu final le 30 octobre.

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